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Our Performance Based SEO Pricing

How we partner with our clients to make our search engine optimization (SEO) services affordable and profitable.

Our Unique Percentage of Revenue Performance Based SEO Pricing.

We use a unique system that reduces the financial risk of bringing on a search engine marketing consultant, by making our search engine marketing services available without any fees.

Rather than charge fees, we use a system that revolves around minimizing risk while maximizing reward for our clients.

Our No Fee performance based SEO contracts

To qualify for our fee free SEO service, we require a few things.

  1. Generally we charge 18-20% of the revenue from online sales, from sales generated from online leads, or from on site advertising: so this mean you will have to be willing to "open your books"

  2. Generally we strike long term agreements with our clients, usually around three (3) years.

What if my profit margins aren't 20%?

We have some flexibility in our numbers, but we consider them on a case by case basis.

Why a 3 year commitment for our Percentage of Revenue Performance Based Search Engine Optimization?

Optimizing a site generally takes around 3 months of full time work, and then part time work to get keep you ranking. Getting a site to the top results in Google, Bing, or Yahoo, usually takes around 6 months. Oh, yeah, and we want this to be profitable for us too.

Basically, if we are going to commit to doing all that work for free at the beginning, you have to be willing to stay with us for long enough to make it worthwhile for both of us.

What if I want to decrease the time commitment or the percentage of revenue for the percentage based SEO contract?

We can add a monthly retainer into the mix so that you have some flexibility in our numbers.

To completely remove the time commitment and the percentage, we charge around $6,000 a month.

Everything in between there is going to have to require a custom quote as we need to know a bit more about what you do and how many people are search for your items or services.

Why Search Engine Optimization fees don't make sense and aren't in your interest.

Why do price our performance based SEO this way?

Good question!

There are three main issues which making determining whether or not the financial benefits for hiring a search engine optimization company are worth the costs.

  1. There are a lot snake-oil salesmen in the search engine marketing industry. And lots of people claim lots of people claim to be a "Search Engine Marketing Expert." However, most people have no honest idea if the Search Engine Optimization Expert can even achieve the ranking the client is looking for.

  2. Fees require a business owner who is looking for performance based SEO to be able to calculate the financial value of a certain rank to their business. "How much additional revenue will my company bring in if I rank 1st for a certain keyword" is actually a very difficult question to answer before getting that ranking and requires a ton of insight into conversion rates, clickthrough rates, search volume, etc.

  3. Even if it can be known beforehand that a certain keyword ranking will result in positive cash flow for your business, Fee based SEO still requires you to have the capital to pay for a placement before you have received the financial benefit from the search engine ranking.

We'd like to say loudly and clearly, that paying for unclear results doesn't make much business sense. So we price our services the way that we would like to buy it.