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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the heart of what we do.

Although many of our clients come to us because of our unique advertising platform for viral video marketing (self promotion's a bitch, but you're a captive audience, so suck it up), we need to stress that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart of any good web marketing strategy. Without SEO, a viral marketing campaign will be ineffective as it will introduce people to your brand or product, and then when they wished to make a purchase they would be unable to find you. So, we don't even allow sites that have not been optimized for search engines to participate in our viral marketing system, as it would be a waste of marketing dollars to advertise a site people won't be able to find.

How our Search Engine Optimization pricing models are unique

Because we often assist in the marketing for startups and fledgling organizations (who don't have access to a lot of capital), our pricing models are often very different than what you often see in the Search Engine Optimization Industry.

Normally, SEO pricing structures are on a consulting basis with a fee based system, usually in the form of a monthly retainer ranging from 1500 a month for a small site to upwards of more than 100,000 dollars a month (pays to be those guys!) for something more substantial (and hopefully profitable).

Although we can do a Search Engine Optimization fee based structure, we don't like to work that way (because we apparently hate money).

The majority of our SEO contracts operate on a percentage of revenue or an agreed upon dollar amount per action taken (such as a form being filled out, a lead generated, or an item purchased, etc).

We like to price our Search Engine Optimization Services this way, for several reasons.

As you might have guessed, we can't just say "we can do Search Engine Optimization for $x;" we have to generate a custom quote for every website, after you fill us in on what makes you money.

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