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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is all about customer engagement. Social Media is the term for whole segments of the web that enable customers, consumers, brands, products, and bystanders to talk to each other.

Social Media refers to a whole host of communications ranging from social networks where people (and companies) can create profile and befriend each other to hosting sites for media files such as audio or video.

Social Media Engagement is the second tier of Search Engine Marketing.

Whereas Search Engine Marketing in general and Search Engine Optimization specifically, allow you to capitalize on the demand that already exists for your product. Social Media allows you to introduce you to influence and create demand. Here at rhiz, we like to caution our clients that Social Media is not like traditional advertising and cannot be approached in the same ways.

Social Media is Equal Parts Advertising, Customer Service, and Brand Management

Brand generally see advertising potential of Social Media but often fail to see the most important aspect of the web's unique ability to allow consumers to back to a brand. This means that you cannot treat Social Media like a broadcasting system!

Social Media marketing allows you to listen. And listening sometimes that means having to change your product to meet demand, answer difficult or embarrassing questions, or provide customer service to someone who is confused about your product.

Social Media also has the wonderful capability to introduce you to Blue Oceans (a Blue Ocean is a business marketing term that means a market which has demand but no competition. It's compared to a Red Ocean -- a deeply competitive segment that already has market leaders and is generally difficult to enter. Cirque Del Sole is one of the best examples of a business sensing a Blue Ocean. As with most businesses that find and fill a Blue Ocean, Cirque Del Sole has become synonymous with what they embody, a "circus for adults," and their competitors face an uphill battle to unseat them from their position as the not only the market leader, but the very market definition.)

Why We Won't Manage Your Social Media

So, we offer Social Media consulting and will help you with the technical aspects of setting up Social Media engagement marketing campaign, but we won't do it for you.

Here's why: We think it is deeply unethical to do so, and we look down on the companies that do.

Just like it would be unethical for us to put our phone number in the phone book under someone else's name, it would be unethical for us to speak from a profile of your brand, your employees, or your company. It has to come from your voice.

Just as consumers have the expectation of actually speaking with the person they are calling, we believe that the same standards should be applied to business and employee profiles on the web.

Just like you shouldn't outsource someone to manage your personal email account, your social media should not be outsourced. Other than short lived gimmicks, the only successful social media accounts have been the companies who actually take the time to engage their own customers. It's just not something you can outsource.

Our Social Media Consulting

What we do provide is social media consulting and account setup services. We will make sure that your social media profiles reflect your branding and your identity and that you know the best practices, most effective strategies, the lingo, and etiquette of each network.

We offer these social media marketing methods: