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Website Usability

I have three seconds to convince you to stay on this site.

That's the average time a user sticks around before deciding if it's worth staying on the site or going somewhere else. Website Usabilty is the process of giving visitors a reason to stick around. Good website usability is imperative to creating customers.

What Prevents Good Website Usability?

Website usability has a mortal enemy that many business owners fail to recognize when designing their website:

Someone visiting your site for the first item has never been there before.

It seems so obvious and self-evident when we put it this way, but many times business owners fail to apply this and take the advise of their employees, customers, suppliers, or partners when designing their website. The problem is all of these people have been to the site hundreds of times and so familiar with it, that:

They can no longer think like someone who has never been to your website before.

Taking their advise often complicates the website and creates so many options for a new user that the visitor becomes overwhelmed and leaves. Website optimization often reveals that their advise does not give an accurate representation of what your potential customer will actually think. The problem is that becasue they have so much more knowledge about your company and are familiar with your website already, that they cannot put themselves in another person's shoes.

Website usability is about stepping into your potential customer's shoes.

The inability to overcome this knowledge gap between what they know and what another person does not know, can kill a website. Discovering what a new user thinks is a major goal of website usability.

The Website usability process has three components:

Website Usability pricing

We bundle our website usability services into all of our percentage based contracts. Because we are financially motivated to make you money, we are just as interested in you in making sure your site turns visitors into buyers.

However please contact us if you are looking for standalone website usability services.