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Here at Rhiz marketing we specialize in both Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization. While spending valuble funds generating traffic to your website is money well spent, what happens when those visitors arrive?

SEO is only half of the equation.

A website that lacks clean and simple usability will fail to convert your guests into customers, resulting in a loss of potential revenue for you. Enter website optimizaiton.

Therefore it is very important that your site have:

  1. Clean and simple navigation.
  2. A clear and defined call to action.
  3. Helpful and relevant information.
  4. Meeting the customer where they are in the conversion cycle.

Website Optimization Goal 1 - Clean and Simple Navigation

Imagine you were suddenly dropped in the middle of one of those big home improvement stores and you wanted to buy a certain product. Now imagine if this store had no signs listing the contents of each isle, nor a helpful friendly staff to assist you in finding your purchase. This situation would most assuredly result in a hasty departure bound for another, better store. This is the feeling web visitors have when they are dropped onto a site that lacks proper usability or website optimization.

Helping your customers know where they are and where they are going is a very important aspect of website usability.

Website Optimization Goal 2 - A Clear and Defined Call to Action

The average web user will only allow for three seconds before hitting that back button if they cannot find what they are looking for. Because of this it is immensely important to have a clear and defined call to action.

What is a call to action?

A call to action is an element in your website that is easy to find, sticks out and is what you want your visitors to click on. This could be a link to fill out a form, or to add an item to their cart, or maybe just to view more information about your site. Whatever it might be it must be easy to find and relevant to what your visitors are looking for.

Website Optimization Goal 3 - Helpful and Relevant Information

Users expect to find the information they are searching almost immediately for when they click a link from a search engine. Properly optimized sites will give them what they are looking for in a concise and easy to digest manner.

Website Optimization Goal 4 - Meeting the Customer Where They are in the Conversion Cycle

When your site is properly optimized for search engine traffic, guests are being driven there by Google search or PPC already know what they are looking for, they don’t have to be convinced. The most important goal in webstite content optimizaiton, is to keep in mind is that when a potential customer comes to your site they are already ready to buy. The goal isn't to convince them, it is to make sure they can find what they are looking for within 3-5 seconds. So keeping the site clean and simple with an obvious call to action is imperative.

The greatest lesson of website otimization is:

When you give someone too many options, they don’t pick anything.

There is no need to convince or “sloganize” a visitor to buy… they are practically to that point in the conversion cycle (ready to buy) when they clicked the link.

Keeping these website optimization principles in mind while designing you website will greatly increase the usability of your website. Remember, usability website optimization is only half of the equation. SEO will get people to your site, but if you don't have your website optimization in order you will experience a very high bounce rate (visitors leaving quickly and not clicking on anything). Once you have your seo in order then turn your focus to website optimization so that your guests will be able to find the information or product they are looking for.

Rhiz Marketing bundles website optimization into all of our percentage bases SEO packages. If you are looking for standalone website optimization please click the link and fill out the form to recieve a quote.